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learn how to better invest your team's time and energy!

Simple and empathetic time management methodology. Achieve your team’s goals and overcome procrastination, unproductiveness, and overload.




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to think outside the box you must first organize it.

inscreasing your team's productivity is easier than you think.

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time management

To achieve high performance people must learn how to better invest their time and energy

organization tools and system

Learn how to streamline your team’s process and productivity

smart work & team work

Build your team with smart process, vision, better communication and productivity.

i offer it through

courses and workshops

Customized courses for your company to increase productivity and better results.


Help leaders and teams perform better in high-demand and restricted scenarios with my mentoring process.

team building

We work better together! Help your team to understand the importance of communication and accountability.

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I love to see people happy achieving success without compromising quality of life.

Hello, my name is Marília Cordeiro!

I’m engineer, entrepreneur and productivity specialist.

Since 2018 I’ve been helping people and companies streamline their workflows with my own simple and empathetic time management system.

It is possible to achieve great results with quality of life. I enjoy helping people on this journey towards a more balanced, efficient and self-managed life.

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trainings for your company

business mentoring 360

Want to achieve tangible results in your company with a truly productive team?

A 2-month program that empowers and supports your leaders to enhance time management and quality of life.

  • Workshops
  • Group mentoring
  • Individual mentoring

one day training

  • Dealing with an unproductive team?
  • Working overload?
  • Struggling with remote work?
  • Unnecessary meetings?
  • Lack of proper agreements and tools?

    Empower your team with a bootcamp training where they can learn the best  practices and co-create agreements for smart work together.

pocket sections

Looking to enhance your team’s time management?

Get your team to apply the time management methodology in practice during a dynamic, hands-on 3-hour workshop!

If you need specific productivity topics, get in touch and we can personalize your training.

are you ready to transform productivity in your company?

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